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Natural Science Seminar Description 

8/27/24 – 5/8/25

Join us on a year long nature science journey as students explore, observe, and engage the beauty of the natural world. Throughout this literature-based course we will slowly stroll through the seasons soaking in the natural science that comes alive with each cycle. Children will engage with nature and explore the outdoor world through observation, beautiful stories, art, and poetry. This gentle study includes literature, field science, notebooking, handcrafts, and outdoor observation and exploration to awaken the appreciation of God’s creation in their hearts. They will learn about decomposition and mushroom mycelium; become tree detectives and study the senescence of leaves; practice cyanotype printing to capture the structure of a snowflake; discover life cycles and habitats of their favorite creatures. They will encounter changs to flora and fauna through fieldwork experiments, guided watercolor lessons, literature, and scientific wonder while awakening a love of nature.  If you desire a slow down and wonder approach to nature science for your 2nd – 3rd grader, this course may be just what you are looking for. 

*Under certain circumstances a mature 1st grader could be considered for this course. 
**This course is offered through H2H and is taught through the lens of a Biblical worldview. 

Tutor: Amber Beets
Days: Tues/Thurs from 9:00am - 10:30am
Location: Home in North Mt. Pleasant
Cost: $60/month 
Material Fee: $100 (one time)

Nature Science.png

Additional Information:
•    This is a weekly drop-off class and consistent attendance is encouraged.
•    On occasion a parent may be asked to assist in making or helping provide occassional field to table dishes.  
•    Progress reports offered for 3rd grade and issued twice a year.  

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