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Integrated Early American History and Nature Science Seminar Description 

8/27/24 – 5/8/25

This isn’t your average history class. If you desire a course for your student that not only introduces historical facts and information, but enthusiastically examines the ideas, power, and philosophies behind them in a conversational, relevant, and RELATABLE way, this is it! Through carefully curated literature and discussion students will learn the story of people that includes their heroism and bravery, self-sacrifice, kindness, compassion, and empathy, but also periods of tragedy, depravity, injustice, and humanity's need for Christ while doing so at an age-appropriate level. 

Join us on a year long journey as 3rd – 5th grade students explore and engage the fascinating world of our nation’s founding through story, hands-on enrichment, cultural cuisine, natural science, and living book literature and discussion. Throughout this Charlotte Mason inspired literature-based course history comes to life as we look back over a thousand years and explore Native cultures, the Vikings, the highs and lows of the Age of Discovery, Colonial Settlements, and the Revolution, and integrate natural science as it relates! Socratic questions help the students understand the cause and effect relationship between ideas and events which are then expressed freely through discussion. We investigate the tales of trade, exploration, adventure, cultural differences, and tension between groups of people with differing perspectives and priorities. We make observations, discoveries, and explore the natural world as it is applicable within the history. Throughout this course students will build beautiful notebooks comprised of their work that includes pictures, maps, reports, poetry, drawings, and copy work or compositions. 

The following “subjects” are covered throughout this course: history, geography, literature, culinary and art appreciation, and natural science. Some of the science topics that may be covered are: Earth, Atmosphere, Plant Life, Trees & Leaves, Animals, Flying Creatures, Bodies of Water, and more! 

*Please note that science is integrated naturally in this course and is not a separate, distinct class with an    
  extended emphasis on a specific topic.
*This course is offered through the H2H co-op and is taught through the lens of a Biblical worldview.

Tutor: Amber Beets
Days: Tues/Thurs from 10:45am - 12:45pm
Location: Home in North Mt. Pleasant
Cost: $125 / month
Lab Fee: $250 (one time)

Early American History.png

Additional Information:
•    This is a weekly drop-off class. 
•    Periodically a parent may be asked to assist in helping provide occasional field to table dishes.  
•    Progress reports offered and issued twice a year.
•    One text must be purchased separately.  

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