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What grades are served? 

While this decision is one that is addressed year to year based on many factors, the general class population we serve may begin in second grade and can extend through upper elementary levels. Admission decisions within those grades are ultimately based on the academic needs of the student applicant, but other factors come into play from time to time such as the ability for the co-op tutor to successfully integrate the new students into our current class culture, and the appropriateness of our learning model with the priorities of your family, to name a few. 

What is your schedule? 

Our established program has several course options available to meet the versatile needs of many families. Please refer to the Weekly Course Schedule tab for specific seminar day information. Regardless of what you join us for, all options offer a personalized education for your child in a social, nurturing, home-education environment that cultivates a love of learning, fosters character building, and provides opportunities for growth in their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and its Creator. Most seminars provide assignment guidelines for each student as they work at home with their primary homeschooling parent. Our general co-op calendar runs from mid-August through mid-May each year and can be viewed from the At a Glance tab. Specific course calendars are provided for enrolled families. 

What’s New at H2H in 2024/2025? 

This year H2H is excited to offer individual courses for our families to choose from while maintaining the same heart for community, academic excellence, and love of learning as we pursue truth, goodness, & beauty that you have already come to know and love! In essence, we are the same co-op offering additional opportunities. The
Academic Options tab lists all courses offered for the upcoming year along with detailed course descriptions of each.  

How do we apply for admission?

If you believe that your elementary grade student may benefit from participation in our unique learning 
environment, please fill out an application which can found under the
Admissions tab and forward the application along with the $75 application fee to: . Applications, along with the $75 non-refundable application fee, may be submitted anytime from open enrollment until all student openings are reserved. All applicants will be notified of their application status. Following a review of your application, we will contact you with a decision and/or next steps. 

Are applications accepted on a first come, first served basis? 

No, this is not typically the case, though when a great fit is identified, invitation letters are sent out as soon as possible on a rolling schedule. Applications will continue to be accepted until all student slots are filled. Please note that not every applicant family will be invited to enroll. There are many factors considered when making enrollment decisions, so not receiving an invitation to enroll is not reflective or indicative of any negative feelings about your child. In a small class setting, choosing the students and families that will benefit the most from what is being offered and who will contribute best to the overall culture of the classroom is key. Most importantly, if we determine that we are unable to adequately meet the needs of your child, we will not move forward with the application process. Parents work very hard to provide the best for their children's education and we want that for them as well. 

What subjects do you cover at your co-op? 

At H2H we strive to integrate life and learning within the context of a co-op as much as possible while maintaining a standard of academic excellence. Our Charlotte Mason inspired approach offers integrated instruction while developing the skills of Reading, Reasoning, Relating, Recording, Research, Writing, and Narration. Our program utilizes quality, beautiful content and curriculum taught from a Biblical worldview that encourages engagement from the heart while pointing to truth, goodness, and beauty. Because each year can incorporate change, we encourage you to view the Academic Offerings tab to view the current courses offered and the subjects they cover. Much of our curriculum incorporates geography, art/art history, classical music appreciation, note-booking, hands-on learning, enrichment projects, living books, baking, field trips, and so much more! At H2H we believe in an educational approach that integrates both life and learning while inspiring a love of learning!

What curriculum is used?

Our curriculum choices are varied and are intentionally and carefully curated based upon the specific needs of our student population. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to curriculum or education. Whenever possible, curricula written from a Biblically-based worldview is utilized. Generally, we employ a hybrid of approaches, but lean heavily on a Classical/Charlotte Mason influenced approach, utilizing Socratic discussion and hands-on opportunities in varied areas. In an effort to actively engage and meet the needs of our students, it is our goal to incorporate varied learning modalities within age-appropriate levels. In general, we utilize a unique blend of a literature-based approach coupled with a living history approach to history, and a Charlotte Mason influenced approach to science. We often integrate subjects wherever and whenever possible. 

Can you accommodate students with learning differences? 

The short answer is, it depends. We know that one aspect of homeschooling that is often attractive to families is the flexibility to give individual attention to our children that is less possible in larger, more traditional classroom settings. So, yes, there are times when certain academic needs can be easily met in our small setting. However, for families who have more significant diagnoses that require expert therapeutic interventions, we may not be the right fit. The truth is, every student is unique, which is one of the reasons that we maintain a smaller class. We want to customize this experience as much as possible to help each student fill in learning gaps, master key concepts, and accelerate their learning whenever possible. That said, though we have experience working with children who learn differently, we are not trained or certified to provide educational accommodations/therapies for things like severe ADD or ADHD, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, etc. Our experience over the past few years has proven that our environment is not flexible enough to adequately meet the needs of these students and that must be our priority. 

Can you accommodate advanced students? 

Both the curricula that we utilize as well as the teaching style of our classroom models a rigorous academic program. In this multi-age, multi-grade setting, the students are learning multiple subjects and skills together. Even in a more intimate environment the students’ needs and abilities span a broad range. As educators for many years, we've learned that students generally strive to achieve whatever expectation is set for them. In this way, we “teach up” and urge the students to work beyond their own expectations, while maintaining a close eye on their progress and adjusting plans and expectations as needed to encourage growth without discouraging the spirit of a struggling learner. Most of our partner families would characterize our program as challenging. It requires a strong dedication on the part of the  
parents to hold students accountable to complete assignments as directed in order to keep the class moving forward together. 

What does it mean to teach from a Biblical Worldview? 

The short answer is that everything that is taught in our classrooms is being influenced by, whether directly or indirectly, our belief in the truths of Holy Scripture. We discuss the world around us with that as the basis of our worldview. Whether we are discussing scientific principles or world leaders and recent news, the concepts taught in the Bible are brought out to help us make sense of our world and to inform how we are to interact with those around us

If H2H does most of the lesson planning and teaching of a specific academic area, what are my responsibilities as the parent in this partnership? 

We are so glad you asked! Our co-op cannot continue to provide the level of academic rigor we are known for without the dedication and attention of our partner parents! 
Parent Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring your students are properly supplied (list of supply needs is provided in the enrollment packet)

  • Providing transportation to and from class on time

  • Staying caught up on all class-related communications (email, text or portal) 


  • Supervising & reviewing their work on “at-home” days  

  • This involves being aware of exactly what their assignments are for that day (these are provided in an online platform), checking for completion of each assignment, and providing help to your child as needed. 

Writing Editor (if applicable):

  • Our writing program utilizes the at-home parent as the child’s editor and there are times when parent instructions are written out in the child’s daily work assignments. 

What about field trips? 

Due to the smaller size of our co-op class (max of 8 students are accepted each academic year), we have the opportunity to explore our topics of study in many practical, hands-on ways. Some field trips we’ve taken in the past include:

  • A guided tour of Charlestown Landing

  • A topic specific walking tour of downtown Charleston led by a local, certified tour guide 

  • A tour of a local farm that utilizes regenerative farming practices  

  • A topic specific guided tour/class at the Charleston Museum

  • Matinee, live theatrical performances at Dock Street Theatre of literature books we have read 

  • The South Carolina state museum in Columbia, SC

  • Gem Mining, and more!

Are the students encouraged to serve in their community? 

Yes, they are! In the past, parents have coordinated several service opportunities for our co-op students including serving their neighbors, serving our veteran population, giving of their time and talents to local churches, and more. Raising responsible, civic-minded citizens begins with the parents who model these attributes for their children and H2H wants to support your efforts to do just that. 

Visit us on FACEBOOK! 

Our website, along with our Facebook page can be a great resource for you as you prayerfully consider if Heart 2 Home-school Cooperative is the right place for your child to continue their educational journey. We invite you to like/follow our page HERE to gain a glimpse into what we do! 

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